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California baseball team has pitching machine stolen on eve of its first use

Depreciation of an asset can impact its value remarkably rapidly, but no level of lost value can account for what is now facing the Lompoc High baseball team: Thousands of dollars worth of baseball gear was stolen just as the season was truly hitting stride.
“Monday we had a game, Monday night after the game somebody broke into our shed and stole a lot of the new things we had just gotten,” Lompoc coach Brian Aguilar told ABC affiliate KEYC. “The catcher’s gear and the pitching machine especially, that’s over two thousand dollars right there.”

— Slo Poc Sports (@slopocsports) March 30, 2018

The good news is that Lompoc’s most significant losses were apparently the pitching machine and catcher’s equipment, with other stolen goods including candy from the concession stand and other relatively minor items