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Colorado football coach resigns citing player safety concerns

The head football coach at Eaglecrest High in Colorado has resigned just one game into the 2018 season, citing ongoing safety concerns and unsanitary conditions at the school.
As reported by Denver CBS affiliate KCNC, Eaglecrest football coach Dustin Delaney decided to step down from his position because of his frustration with the field conditions his team was forced to practice on, saying they put his players at an elevated risk of injury.
Per Delaney’s resignation note, two Eaglecrest players have already been injured because of poorly covered sprinkler holes that they then stepped in, leading to lower body injuries.
As proof of the threat to his players, Delaney posted the following to Twitter:

To those who think I should’ve sucked it up & coached, here’s a pic of knee brace of one of top players in the country from practice Mon. knee brace is supposed 2 be straight it was bent at a horrible angle strictly because fields are unsafe