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Former Calif. softball coach gets 6 months in jail for smoking marijuana with student athletes

A former assistant softball coach in Southern California was sentenced to six months in jail in connection with a guilty plea to three felony counts and three misdemeanor counts related to marijuana incidents with former student athletes.
As reported by the Southern California News Group (SCNG), former Magnolia High assistant softball coach Tiffani Aguirre pleaded guilty to the following charges: three felony counts of furnishing marijuana to a minor, and misdemeanor counts of unlawful importation, sale or gift of marijuana and contributing the delinquency of a minor.
Together, the charges combined for a sentence of six months in prison for a coach who allegedly twice drove student athletes from her team to a park in Buena Park, Calif., furnished them with marijuana and then smoked the drug alongside them.
The drug taking, which occurred in spring 2017, was reported to the Anaheim Police Department just more than a year ago