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How in the heck did 4-star sophomore SG Posh Alexander hit this shot?

Posh Alexander is among the most talented members of the college basketball recruiting Class of 2020, so it’s not a shock to see him hitting a dramatic shot of some difficulty. But this degree of difficulty?

Shoot your shot boy @PoshAlexander pic.twitter.com/JTSCVgjWWf
— Overtime (@overtime) June 26, 2018

Frankly, we’re not entirely sure how Alexander got to this ball that he sent skittering off the court with a steal and kept it in play long enough for it to soar right into the hoop from an apparent sure fire sideline in bounds setup.
Still, however it happened, Alexander used all of his 5-foot-11 frame to get there, then used all his athleticism to flip up a shot behind his back as he soared out of bounds