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LaMelo Ball's new teammate is the tallest high school basketball player in the world

LaVar Ball announced on Tuesday that his youngest son, LaMelo Ball, will be heading back to high school for his senior year at the SPIRE Institute (Geneva, Ohio.
One of his teammates there will be Robert Bobroczky, who at 7-foot-7 is the tallest high school player in the world.

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You can get to know him in this great video below by Overtime in which Bobroczky talks about the challenges he’s faced both with his size and with coming to a new country to play basketball:

Bobroczky said he was 6-foot-10 when he was 12 years old and reached 7-foot-5 when he was 14.
He described in the video what it has been like to be so tall so young:
My father used to tell me that it’s a blessing or a curse – it’s up to you how you see it