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Northwest Prep Sports

NBA star Brandon Roy will return to coach Seattle Garfield in 2019-20 season

Brandon Roy, the former NBA star turned prep coach at Seattle schools Nathan Hale (where he won a national title with Michael Porter Jr.) and Garfield announced that he would take the 2018-19 school year off from coaching before returning for the 2019-20 campaign.
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As reported by the Seattle Times, among other outlets, Roy will not fully resign from his position at Garfield, as was previously reported, but will instead take a one-year hiatus from the program.
That’s comforting news for Garfield officials, who already knew they would be without Roy for the 2018-19 campaign, they just didn’t know that he planned to come back, or they had not previously made that decision public.
Rather, it appears the confusion about Roy’s future plans may have been due in no small part due to an inaccurate job posting on the district’s employment website; the school is currently searching for a girls basketball coach on a permanent basis, and it’s possible that the position opening for the boys role was accidentally posted first in place of that opportunity