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South Carolina fans thought 2018 4-star recruit D.J. Burns was Zion Williamson, and the result was awkward for everyone

With his eventual college decision just months away (at the most), Zion Williamson is already one of the most famous American basketball players not in the NBA. The high school senior became the first scholastic star to surpass 1 million followers on Instagram and his every dramatic dunk tends to find its way to ESPN’s SportsCenter. He’s a human highlight reel turned high school personality, which is why every trip he takes to a college basketball game is a big deal.
Williamson was supposed to be on one of those trips on Sunday to watch the South Carolina Gamecocks host an exhibition game. After all, his mother told the Columbia State that Williamson was taking an unofficial visit to USC over the weekend, so why wouldn’t he be there?
Instead of Williamson setting himself up for fan serenades throughout an otherwise boring exhibition he actually wasn’t in attendance