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Study: 50 percent of high school pitchers report pain in throwing arm

According to a recent study out of Ohio State University, a bit more than half of high school pitchers experience pain in their throwing arm during a season.
To better understand the cause of these injuries, researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center conducted a study to determine when and why overuse injuries are occurring.
“We found that the number of injuries peaked early—only about four weeks in—and then slowly declined until the end of the season,” James Onate, associate professor of health and rehabilitation sciences at the Jameson Crane Sports Medicine Institute, said in a University release. “We see a lot of kids who didn’t prepare in the off-season and, when their workload goes through the roof, they’re not prepared for the demand of throwing.”
For the study, 97 high school pitchers were asked to submit a weekly questionnaire via text message