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Texas volleyball match hosts inspired sing-a-long after national anthem recording dies

A volleyball match in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley is the latest site of an inspired, impromptu patriotic sing-a-long rendition of the Star Spangled Banner after a recorded version failed.

As reported by Rio Grande Valley CBS affiliate KGVT, the girls volleyball match between McAllen Memorial and McAllen High at Memorial’s gymnasium got started in a completely traditional manner with player introductions and fan applause, but when it was announced that the national anthem would be played, nothing came out of the gym’s public address system.
Cue the students and fans. Here’s how KGVT’s Valley Central described what happened next:
A few laughs and some awkward silence later, a small choir began to form in the far corner of the gymnasium. Soon enough, the entire gym was stressing their vocal chords in the tune of the Star Spangled Banner