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Wrestling haircut rule confusion prompted Buena to cancel match

+ADw-p class+AD0AIg-speakable-p-1 p-text+ACIAPg-BUENA VISTA +IBM The Buena Regional School District+IBk-s superintendent says he canceled a wrestling match hours before athletes were scheduled to take the mat because state-level officials couldn+IBk-t clarify rules about competitors+IBk hair.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p class+AD0AIg-speakable-p-2 p-text+ACIAPg-The Chiefs have been in the national spotlight since Dec. 19, when wrestler Andrew Johnson was told he didn+IBk-t have the proper headgear to compete against Oakcrest High School due to his dreadlocks. Referee Alan Maloney gave the junior two choices moments before the match: Cut his hair+AKA-or forfeit.+ADw-/p+AD4
+ADw-p class+AD0AIg-p-text+ACIAPg-Johnson opted to have his dreadlocks trimmed at the side of the mat, and video of the incident has sparked an ongoing national discussion with racial implications that has+AKAAPA-a href+AD0AIg-https://www