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Okla. high school student accused of raping team manager in coach's office

A team manager at an Oklahoma high school has accused a classmate of raping her in the school’s coach’s office, per Oklahoma City ABC affiliate KOCO and CBS affiliate KWTV, among other outlets.
As reported by the TV stations, an unidentified team manager at Putnam City High School was working in the team’s locker room when she received a text from a player asking her to let him in. When she complied the pair then went together to the coach’s office, where the male student then closed the door, “grabbed her and threw her on the couch,” per a police report filed by Putnam City Campus Police.
The alleged assailant reportedly refused to stop despite the alleged victim pleading with him to multiple times before she finally was able to force him off when he hesitated because he noticed that she was bleeding. She escaped to a nearby bathroom, hastily donned a pair of soccer shorts and was able to call friends to be brought home